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Full publication list (Downloadable, November 2021), and online via NASA ADS.

First-author publications (refereed)

Selected co-author publications (refereed)

Selected conference proceedings

  • R.H. Soja, et al., 2015: Meteor storms and showers with the IMEX model. Proceedings of the IMC, Mistelbach, 2015.
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  • V.J. Sterken, N. Altobelli, S. Kempf, G. Schwehm, R. Srama, P. Strub and E. Grün, 2011: The flow of interstellar dust through the solar system: the role of dust charging, ICPDP conference 2011, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
  • V.J. Sterken, 2006: Sir Hermann Bondi: A journey through his life and the early endeavours of Europe into space. IAC-06-E4.1.05. IAC conference 2006, Valencia, Spain.
  • V.J. Sterken, A. Kamp, S. Kampen, T.C. van den Dool, 2005: Impact of the space environment on Darwin and a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) demonstration mission. IAC-05-C.2.5. IAC conference 2005, Fukuoka, Japan.